Member News
Two Boston Chapter members
will be serving on AGA's National
Executive Committee for the
2018 - 2019 year.

Ernie Almonte, CGFM will serve  
as National President Elect.

David LeBlanc, CGFM will serve
as Senior Vice
President at Large.

Additionally, Dan Bonnette will
serve as Regional Vice President
A recent vote by our The Chapter
Executive Committee has selected
current RVP Elect
Dan Bonnette,
as our first National Council of
Chapters (NCC) representative.

The NCC is comprised of one
member from each chapter to
advise the National Governing
Board (NGB) on strategic issues,
facilitate connections among
chapters and promote chapter
health and growth.

Congratulations, Dan

New Members

Lynne Prodger
City of Warwick

Richard Sanon
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Christine Scott
Commonwealth of Massachusetts – HRD

Modesta Roshi
State Auditor Office