Boston Chapter
2015 Regional Professional
Development Conference
March 12, 2015
Bentley University
Waltham, MA
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Track 1A & B

    William Miller, CGFM,
    AGA National President


    Things Managers do
    that make you Shake
    Your Head
    Track 1A is closed
    Track 1B is closed

Track 2A & B

    Charles Young

    Social Media
    Track 2A is closed
    Track 2B is closed

Track 3A & B

    Paul Kiley, McGladrey, LLP

       The New COSO

Track 4A & B

    Lisa Parker, CPA, Project
    Manager, Governmental
    Accounting Standards Board

    GASB Update
    Track 4A is closed

Track 5A & B

    Neil Cohen,
    Deputy Director of the Audit,
    Oversight and Investigations, MA
    Inspector General’s Office

         Track 5A is closed
       Track 5B is closed
Opening remarks - Martin Benison, CGFM
Boston Chapter President
Morning Keynote - William Miller, CGFM
AGA National President
Topic - TBD

Track 6A & B

       Col. (ret.) David Weinberg

       Leadership - Taking
       Care of People
       Track 6A is closed
       Track 6B is closed
Afternoon Keynote - Col. (ret.) David Weinberg
"The Power of 8"

Track 8 A&B

    Thomas Shack, Esq.,
    MA Office of the Comptroller

    Track 8A is closed
    Track 8B is closed

Track 9 A&B

    Joanne Feierman
    Seminars in Communication

    The Art of the Edit
    Track 9A is closed
    Track 9B is closed

Track 10 A&B

    William Bell, MA Dept of
    Elementary and Secondary
    Helena Sims, AGA National Office

    Grant Flexibility and
    Program Efficiency

Track 11 A&B

    Rainie Marchand Barton, MA
    Division of Capital Asset
    Management and Maintenance

    Management and
    Diversity:  What is your
    staff bringing to the
    Track 11A is closed
    Track 11B is closed

Track 12 A&B

    Craig Hall, Boston Chapter
    Director of Accountability,

       Perspectives on  
       Performance and

Track 13 A&B

       David LeBlanc, CGFM
       Patricia Rydlak, CIA
       Christine Lento

       Improving Data Quality
       through Friendly Audits
       Track 13A is closed
       Track 13B is closed
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Track 7A & B

       Lee Giesbrecht

      Survey Design &
      Track 7B is closed

Track 14 A&B

       Lee Giesbrecht

      Statistical Sampling
      Track 14A is closed
      Track 14B is closed
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